A Checklist of Osteoporosis Supplements

black and white photo of man feeling achy because of joints
black and white photo of man feeling achy because of joints

Osteoporosis attacks the human body as the aging method starts. During the aging process and in women, the phase of pre or post menopause, body faces loss of Calcium, protein and other very important minerals in an adequate amount. In such a situation, it becomes very much compulsory to enrich the organism with sufficient minerals. If needed, one should also contact a good physician to get appropriate details of Osteoporosis supplements…

Although every man and woman who suffers with a weak immune or bone system has a high risk of having Osteoporosis, this virus can be defeated by proper health diets. Many doctors have recommended that any body and every body should have a proper know-how about Osteoporosis and the appendages that can save the bones from any kind of damages. Doctors say that in woman the base of any bone disease starts progressing since the young age and hormonal problems, excessive tribulations of acidity, lack of Vitamin D becomes the main reason of Osteoporosis in them.

Some of Osteoporosis Supplements that really work to enhance the mechanism of the human bones are as follows:

Calcium Supplements

Some of the health organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World Health Organization (WHO) etc have been suggested that people who are leading even a simple and healthy life should have a regular ingestion of Calcium supplements. Calcium should go inside the body in any variety. Physicians in the National Osteoporosis Foundation say that Children should take the Calcium supplement of minimum 500 mg with 400 IU of Vitamin whereas the adult men and women should make an intake of 1000 to 1200 mg of Calcium with 400 to 800 IU of Vitamin. Calcium can be added to many of the home-made foods like pudding, breads and many of the soups. Many of the supplements of Calcium can be also found combined with Vitamin D , Zinc, Vitamin K, E and A. The supplements of phosphorus and other multivitamins are also useful for strong bones. Some of the dietary sources like Tofu, Almonds, Salmons, Green leafy vegetables and those diary products with low fat level can also work as a good Calcium supplement.

Ipriflavone Supplement

An intake of Ipriflavone of 600mg per day prevents the bone density from Osteoporosis added with Calcium and Vitamin D. This supplement should be taken after a doctor advice .

Melatonin appendage

Melatonin is a hormone occurs naturally in human body, plants and animals and is very much needed for the body growth. It has been said that as the age goes high the quantity of Melatonin goes down and can become the cause of bone loss. Therefore, it is required to take Melatonin supplements for bone developments.

Supplements of Omega-3 fatty acids

The supplements with essential fatty acids are also useful to combat Osteoporosis.  They are also helpful to maintain a proper hair and skin growth, bone health, standardize the metabolism of body and reproductive system. This can be found in green vegetables, olive oil, garlic and many of the fresh fruits.

Supplement of potassium citrate

A recent research also has found that the supplements of potassium citrate help to clear the acidity problems and maintain a normal blood pressure level. It also helps to improve the bone mass.  Bananas are good source of Potassium Citrate.

Magnesium and Soy isoflavones

Magnesium is always said to be a great source of developing the bones. Natural foods like Lima beans, low-fat milk, nectarine, orange, potato, avocado, spinach are some of the great source of magnesium. Soy isoflavones are also one of those supplements that help the bones to grow; it is essentially a type of chemical that has the comparable affects like estrogen. Magnesium can affect well if added to other Osteoporosis Supplements like Calcium and Vitamin K.

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