Coconut Butter Vs. Coconut Oil? Here’s Coconut Butter Vs Coconut Oil Information For You!

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coconut oil 2535272 1280

Coconut butter vs. coconut oil is coconut butter just to compare with coconut oil. Many people do not know that fresh dry coconut meat can be made coconut butter. With a particular process that is very easy, coconut meat can be made coconut butter. Coconut is part of the Pacific Islands for thousands of years, and is now available in various countries in various forms, such as:  fresh coconut, coconut milk, coconut milk and desiccated coconut, in addition to coconut oil and coconut butter. Each coconut-based products have different characteristics and nutritional values that make them suitable for different uses.

Coconut butter, is not really butter, but coconut meat in concentrated form. Coconut butter is not the same as the butter in general.

To make coconut butter, is very easy, namely:

Pulverization process can be simple to use mortar or using a machine specially dried coconut meat grinder. During pulverization must be maintained to avoid contamination with other substances. Pulverization did until the meat turns into coconut cream. Do not add any substance to the result of the collision. If pulverization is completed will be obtained coconut batter containing 70% coconut fat.

That’s a simple process to get coconut butter. A simple way on the course if we want to make a coconut batter only for their own families in small amounts. But if you want to make coconut butter in large quantities, should use special machine grinding coconut meat.This machine is used to produce coconut butter in large numbers and a relatively short time. If the coconut meat pulverization process is absolutely clean and sterile, coconut butter produced will stand in a long time without preservatives.

Virgin coconut oil is one of the processed fruit coconut.

Since time immemorial, coconut oil is often used. However,  in the decade of the 90s, coconut oil is lost from the circulation. This  due to a trade war between the manufacturers of corn oil,  soybean oil and canola oil from western countries with manufacturers  coconuts from tropical countries. By spreading negative rumors that coconut oil as a source of disease. Many nutrition experts are  unable to argue the issue was so feared and coconut oil shunned a lot of people. In rural communities, formerly used for oil palm frying or consumed by pregnant women so that the delivery process runs smoothly. In addition, are used for massage, scrape, and softens the hair.

Some nutritionists say that saturated fatty acids can form plaques on the walls of blood vessels causing blockage. In fact, not only the coconut oil containing acids saturated fat, but also in vegetable oils commonly used for fry. The next question is: Are all saturated fats harmful? Please note that the saturated fats found in coconut oil is the saturated fats with medium chain and short. Chain saturated fatty was very short and easily digested and absorbed by the body. Precisely on vegetable oils contain trans fats with long chain making it difficult to split. Thus, causing a buildup of causing blockage. For example in soybean oil, peanut oil and corn oil.

Based on  the description above we can discriminate between coconut butter vs. coconut oil. Both are believed to be (according to some studies) has a good benefits for health. But if you doubt it will contain both good for your health, please consult to a nutritionist doctor t or your personal doctor. In this article at least give an idea about coconut butter vs. coconut oil.

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