Available Treatment for Osteoporosis – How to prevent and treat osteoporosis ?

man holding his elbow because of joints pain
man holding his elbow because of joints pain

Natural Treatments for Osteoporosis

Some of the natural treatments administered for people with osteoporosis are regular body exercise, diet and avoiding smoking, alcohol, caffeine and any other harmful substances.

Most of the strength training and weight lifting exercises are useful for making the muscles and bones strong and healthy. Study shows that there are certain exercises that reflexes the muscles and prevent bone fractures.

Lack of calcium is one of the reasons why people may experience osteoporosis. Adding calcium rich foods into your diet can help build stronger and healthy bones. This can be found in dairy products, broccoli, almonds, sardines and oats.

Aside from calcium, vitamin D is also one of the factors that contribute to healthy bones. This can be obtained from direct exposure to sunlight. However, too much exposure is not advisable and eating too much dairy can be also risky to the bones. The best diet for strong bones is through consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds, beans, yogurt and whole grains.

Smokers are more likely to experience fracture than non smokers. Smoking can weaken the bones and reduce its density. If you quit smoking, there is greater possibility for the bone to recover and heal. Alcohol and products containing caffeine must be avoided to reduce the damaging effects of osteoporosis in the body. Refraining from consumption of any harmful substance will help your bones function normally and keep your body healthy.

The effects of osteoporosis in the body can cause absences from work due to extended hospitalization, lowered mobility and even permanent disability. The part of the body that is most likely to be affected when having this condition are the spine and the hips. If symptoms are noticed early diagnosis is recommended to ensure that proper medication is administered to strengthen back the weakened bones.

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