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Fresh Shores Coconut Oil Tips

Fresh Shores Coconut oil is coconut oil made from freshly picked coconuts. Coconuts opened less than 48 hours after they are harvested and then processed following the traditional methods used by communities in the Pacific…

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Advantages Of Coconut Oil for you

The numerous functions and skills from the coconut is now much more clear to many nations who had been as soon as unaware of its characteristics. It’s because of this that we’ve observed a sharp…

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Coconut oil in skincare and haircare

Coconut oil for beauty is real or fiction ? Beauty becomes a major asset for a woman. Moreover, the sexy Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr. To maintain the beauty and elegance of his body, Miranda…

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Refined coconut oil benefits

Basically, there are two types of coconut oil, namely unrefined coconut oil that it is well known that it is called virgin coconut oil and another one is refined coconut oil. Both forms of coconut…