Fight Osteoporosis Now

photo of a man feeling bad because of sore joints
photo of a man feeling bad because of sore joints

Calcium ideas & recipes

You’re probably already fighting osteoporosis by eating some favorite calcium-rich foods, and there are easy ways you can make sure you’re getting all the calcium you need! Pick up single-size servings of calcium-rich drinks and snacks, add a little calcium to foods you already eat, or cook some high-calcium foods at home. And try some new things:

  • Flavored lowfat milk or soy milk (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla)
  • Yogurt drinks and smoothies
  • Calcium-fortified foods like orange juice, energy bars, animal crackers, and hot cocoa

Getting calcium on the go

  • Keep calcium-fortified cereal bars or energy bars in your bag
  • Buy single-serving sizes of yogurt drinks, flavored milk or soy milk, calcium-fortified orange juice, pudding, or yogurt at the grocery or convenience store
  • For a snack, buy low-fat frozen yogurt or a smoothie (made with milk or yogurt)
  • For lunch or dinner, eat a slice of cheese pizza or a sandwich with a slice of cheese

Get more “calcium on the go” tips for the convenience store or fast food restaurant

Easy ways to add some calcium to the foods you already eat:

  • Add yogurt to cut-up fruit, or use the blender and turn fruit and yogurt into a smoothie.
  • Add a slice of cheese to a burger or sandwich, or shredded cheese to soup, pasta, or potatoes.
  • Add almonds to dried fruit.
  • Add nonfat powdered dry milk to cocoa, a glass of milk, hot cereal, or homemade pudding (each tablespoon has 52 mg of calcium).
  • Look for calcium-fortified versions of foods you already like: cereals, bread, english muffins, crackers, cocoa.

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