Fresh Shores Coconut Oil Tips

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Fresh Shores Coconut oil is coconut oil made from freshly picked coconuts. Coconuts opened less than 48 hours after they are harvested and then processed following the traditional methods used by communities in the Pacific Islands. All oil organically grown, no harmful fertilizers, additives or chemicals used.
If you’re looking for very clean, organic oil, virgin coconut oil is a good one to use. This is similar to other organic coconut oil as Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil, Garden of Life Virgin Coconut Oil, and Coconut Oil Spectrum.

Some reasons why you need to use a healthy tropical oils:

1. This oil is certified by the USDA
2. No chemicals are added (some brands of low quality uses hexane to extract oil)
3. No bleaching.
4. No refining
5. No deodorization
6. No hydrogenation
7. Made from coconut fruit is traditionally grown.
8. There are no hybrids or genetically modified plants that are used to make this oil.
9. Made from fresh coconuts, not dried “copra” as commonly used in lower-quality oil.

Benefits of Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Health

Coconut oil is a cheaper made from copra, dried meat of coconuts. But Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts opened less than 48 hours after picking. Coconuts are processed and grow organically, to ensure that no harmful fertilizers, chemical solvents, or additives in the final product.

Here are some health benefits.

  1. Improve heart health
  2. Supports the immune system
  3. Helps you lose weight
  4. Gives you a healthy metabolism
  5. Gives immediate energy source
  6. Keeping your skin healthy and youthful
  7. Supports proper function of the thyroid gland

Coconut Oil contains Healthy Fatty Acid

Unlike vegetable oils or seeds that have a long chain fatty acids (LCFAs), Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that offer better health benefits.
Lipoproteins and LCFAs require special enzymes for them to be broken down easily. MCFAs smaller, easier to absorb the cell membrane without the use of lipoproteins or specific enzymes.

MCFAs not cause strain on your digestion, while LCFAs strain the heart, pancreas, and entire digestive system.
MCFAs go directly to your liver, where they are converted into energy quickly. LCFAs are stored in your body as fat.
MCFAs help stimulate the metabolism, causing weight loss.

More info about the benefitsof coconut oil please read coconut oil azheimers  or coconut oil herpes.

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