Frying With Coconut Oil Right Here! Frying With Coconut Oil Tips & Guide!

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woman 1979272 1280

Frying with coconut oil is an old habit by traditional communities.

But since the production of coconut oil is reduced and replaced with other vegetable oils such as palm oil, olive oil, butter, sunflower seed oil, and others, use coconut oil as cooking oil is very rarely done.
One cause of reduced production of coconut oil is coconut oil is considered as the cause of degenerative diseases such as diabetes millitus, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and others.
But recent research suggests other experts. It turned out that coconut oil can actually cure the diseases mentioned above. From the research that the fat content of coconut oil is medium chain fat that is usually called the MCT is very beneficial for our bodies.

Can You Fry With Coconut Oil

Frying with coconut oil is one way that we can incorporate coconut oil in our body. Coconut oil as cooking oil will not change its composition even if heated to a certain temperature so it can be used for frying foods. This means that the nutrients that are beneficial to the coconut oil is maintained.
From the stories of people who faithfully use coconut oil as cooking oil, they say that deep frying with coconut oil to produce food more crunchy, delicious and tasty.
Now it is clear to us that the results of scientific research coconut oil is very beneficial for our body fat because it contains medium chain (MCT) are easily broken down into energy, and the recognition of people who use coconut oil as cooking oil produced food more delicious, crunchy and delicious.
In addition that all vegetable oils contain cholesterol. Among the existing vegetable oil, coconut oil is vegetable oil the least cholesterol content.

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